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  • Death Planet 2: The Forgotten Temple Death Planet 2: The Forgotten Temple 20429 plays Little Prince the second adventure to rescue his beloved princess.
  • Alien Rover Alien Rover 12113 plays Alien Rover is a skill game. Drive your space rover on multiple planets to collect the alien DNA. You earn cash to buy better body, wheels and boosters.
  • Bringing Back the Stars Bringing Back the Stars 12048 plays Evil black holes have stolen the stars from the night sky! Use the mouse to aim and fire meteors bouncing off the planets and collect stars. Use the points collected from planets and stars to buy upgrades. As you progress, black holes will try to get in your way and disrupt gravity.
  • Evil Asteroids Evil Asteroids 10478 plays Move the planets so that earth shoots at all the evil asteroids. Use gravity to aim your shooting.
  • Ben 10 Planet Rider Ben 10 Planet Rider 10114 plays Ben 10 is struggling to cross the mountains on this unknown planet in our universe, help him out with your motocross skills as you take to the tough terrain.
  • Doctor Zed Doctor Zed 9745 plays After unsuccessful experiments a gigantic virus escaped from the laboratory. An irretrievable thing happened, the virus began to grow and infect planets on its way. The Galaxy destiny is in your hands. Help Doctor Zed free the Galaxy from harmful infections. Virus hunting has already begun.
  • Fashion Planet Quiz Fashion Planet Quiz 9434 plays A daily quiz game you come back for. Take the test and see what fashion suits you the best today!
  • Aether Aether 8608 plays Venture into space! Exploring distant planets and solving their puzzles to change the way the world views you, become a hero! Each planet has a puzzle to solve, when you figure out what it is and solve it the planet will regain color and the screen will flash.
  • Feed Our Doughnut Overlord Feed Our Doughnut Overlord 8464 plays The donuts will eat you, and your little dog too! To keep them from gobbling down the planet itself, feed your donut overlords their favorite foods. Tame their tummies and save the planet!
  • Batman The Brave and the Bold: Dynamic Double Team Batman The Brave and the Bold: Dynamic Double Team 8335 plays On the other side of the galaxy, Batman and Blue Bettle must battle Kanjar Ro's Space pirates to save an entire planet! Collect scarabs to fill your blue beetle meter! Collect health orbs to fill your health bar.
  • Astro Motocross Astro Motocross 8331 plays Motocross excitement is waiting for you in an unknown planet. Despite of all the danger can you finish the game in shortest time?
  • Galactic Colonization Galactic Colonization 8234 plays Control your space armada of ships and move from planet to planet trying to control the galaxy.
  • Tasty Planet - DinoTime Tasty Planet - DinoTime 7708 plays Move through new environments as you continue to gather objects and become a large pile of grey goo.
  • Casual Space Casual Space 7529 plays Small water creature tries its best to collect all the star pieces and save the sun of his home planet.
  • Get Off My Planet Get Off My Planet 7395 plays Get Off My Planet is basically a mixture of the tower defense and city building genres. Your mission is to grow your city and form a new planet while battling waves and waves of enemy starships.
  • Atomic Pong Atomic Pong 7311 plays A new version of the entertained Pong game, this time in another planet. Enjoy these pleasant graphs and alien personages. The objective is to give back the ball and to try that your opponent does not catch it. You must make 5 points to pass to another level. If you lose you have 3 lives to continue trying.
  • Alien Planet - BloodLust Alien Planet - BloodLust 7126 plays Shoot the endless waves of aliens as they try to take your flag to their UFO. Shoot them down!
  • Party Planet Quiz Party Planet Quiz 7024 plays What planet are you from?
  • The Red Planet 5 Differences The Red Planet 5 Differences 6989 plays Interesting game, beautiful art work, variety pictures: all that you need for relaxing. Find five differences between two images. Click on 5 things and find different between two images. You will get points and advance to the next.
  • Magnetic Shield Magnetic Shield 6835 plays The asteroid base is being attacked by enemy ships. You should deploy the magnetic shield to repel the attack. When you move the mouse with the button pressed a magnetic shield will be formed for a limited time. The fire will bounce in the shield and will revert against enemy ships. Sometimes you can get special powers-ups.
  • Treasure Planet - Solar Surfer Treasure Planet - Solar Surfer 6341 plays Fly around the level and grab the items in the correct order. Careful the control is funky.
  • Planet Hopper Planet Hopper 6209 plays Explore the universe on a solo expedition to claim uninhabited planets. Plant flags and avoid crashing while jumping from planet to planet.
  • Rescue In Mars Rescue In Mars 6198 plays The mars colonies are in danger. Pilot a spaceship through the underground caves and save them. Explore the caves, piloting your ship trough the remnants of ancient civilizations.
  • Earth Defense Earth Defense 6119 plays Control the moon to defend the Earth from incoming Asteroids, Satellites, and other Space Junk. Buy upgrades between waves to help you survive.
  • Assault Fleet Assault Fleet 5914 plays Send your fleet out at the right time to destroy the enemy armada and explode their home planet.
  • Spaceman Bob's Great Escape Spaceman Bob's Great Escape 5701 plays You're Bob, a young spaceman who was captured by the evil aliens and taken away to a distant planet! The aliens plan to perform painful experiments on you, so the only option left to survive, is to run away from the alien base.
  • Duck Dodgers Planet 8 from Upper Mars: Mission 4 Duck Dodgers Planet 8 from Upper Mars: Mission 4 5659 plays Your mission is to eliminate the martian spaceship. To do that you will have to fire your laser rays.
  • Duck Dodgers Planet 8 from Upper Mars: Mission 5 Duck Dodgers Planet 8 from Upper Mars: Mission 5 5620 plays Defeat all the robots.

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